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Welcome to our Development Jargon Generator
aka ‘The Jargonator‘. We have become so good at using jargon at work that our computers have caught on. This brainy little piece of software can easily generate capability statements, results frameworks, and titles found in winning proposals and highly acclaimed evaluation reports.
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If The Jargonator makes titles and sentences sound nonsensical, yet eerily familiar to you, imagine how they must sound to the casual reader? It only takes a few lines of code to demonstrate that too much jargon makes our writing meaningless.

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Our text analysis tool shows you how much development jargon you use. Your scores on the right indicate the most common jargon words or phrases you use.

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Some additional resources on proliferation of jargon in development

The Jargonator Creators

Ochanya Adah

Ochanya Adah is a Program Associate Consultant at I4DI. With a strong background in conducting and leading extensive user and market research and designing human-centered solutions, Ms. Adah brings to I4DI knowledge of product design and design thinking in the Health, Agriculture, and Information Technology sectors to advance

Denis Drekovic

Denis Drekovic is I4DI’s Full Stack Web Developer. He works on designing and developing new software solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage business intelligence data and utilize evidence-based management decision making. Denis brings to I4DI years of experience in developing enterprise web-based information systems for the Netherlands markets.

Azra K. Nurkic

Azra Kacapor Nurkic is a Co-founder and CEO of I4DI. As a senior expert in program quality and impact, Dr. Nurkic provides leadership to I4DI associates and technical assistance to clients and partners in results-based management, design, monitoring, and evaluation of international development programs.

Troy Wray

Troy Wray is Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of I4DI. As a senior expert in program design and implementation for impact, Mr. Wray provides support for I4DI leaders and associates to strategically position I4DI technology and methods in international development programming. Mr. Wray brings a unique combination of development policy, program design, and complex project management experience to I4DI and its clients.

This project is a lighthearted way to highlight the overuse of jargon in
international development. Using jargon keeps us from
communicating our ideas and results clearly to people who benefit the
most from them. At the Institute for Development Impact, we believe
this is a problem that must be addressed. We are committed to make
our work accessible to everyone.

If you are also interested in changing the narrative, contact us and join
our next project to turn as many words in our development jargon
lexicon into plain English.

Download our development jargon lexicon