Tech-enabled Knowledge Products

Empowering Decision-Making with Intelligent, Tech-Enabled Solutions

We leverage technology to create dynamic knowledge products that help organizations streamline their decision-making processes. Our tailored software solutions enhance your capacity to analyze data, extract valuable insights, and catalyze value-driven transformations.

Our tech-enabled knowledge products embody the perfect synergy between advanced technology and bespoke subject matter expertise. We develop practical tools and visualizations designed to process and synthesize large volumes of complex data, saving you both time and financial resources. We merge multiple data streams – primary and third-party, open data sets – to augment your business intelligence, validate learning, and derive novel insights that propel economic development and commercial value.

Advisory Services

We work across a wide range of sectors, pairing our deep business acumen with cutting-edge insights drawn from  data science and technology, to ignite sustainable development transformations. Our comprehensive advisory services are designed to help both public and private sector leaders navigate an evolving business landscape where the sustainable use of resources is paramount. Our advisory services in Sustainability & Climate, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL), Urban Development, and Impact Technology equip organizations with the necessary tools, strategies, and insights to catalyze sustainable growth, enhance economic value, and generate positive societal impact.

Sustainability & Climate Technology-Enabled Knowledge Products

Our technology-enabled knowledge products within this focus area are designed to empower sustainable and resilient futures. By employing interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and advanced monitoring technology, we transform complex climate, agricultural, and ESG data into compelling, easily understood visuals. Our offerings ensure real-time tracking and comprehensive analytics, driving informed decision-making and proactive climate resilience efforts. With our robust ESG performance tracking tool, we enable organizations to monitor their sustainability practices and performance over time.

farm technology

MERL Technology-Enabled Knowledge Products

Harnessing the power of data visualization, digital tools, and online learning platforms, our MERL-focused technology-enabled products offer a dynamic suite of solutions to enable efficient and accurate data collection, visualization, and learning. By delivering insightful dashboards, infographics, and reports, we visually communicate program data and insights, supporting evidence-based decision-making. Our online learning platform fosters an environment of continuous learning, facilitating capacity building across teams.

I4DI advanced data visualization example: Youth Developmental Assets Indonesia

Urban Development Technology-Enabled Knowledge Products

With an eye towards transforming urban environments, our urban development technology-enabled products incorporate state-of-the-art spatial analysis techniques, AI, and machine learning to provide data analytics and visualizations tailored to urban challenges. Customizable dashboards provide real-time tracking and analytics of key urban development metrics, while our advanced monitoring systems shed light on crucial environmental factors. We facilitate the assessment of urban resilience and the identification of potential areas for green infrastructure development.

Impact Technology-Enabled Knowledge Products

In the realm of impact technology, we leverage our expertise to generate knowledge products that simplify complex data, making it accessible and actionable. Our data integration platforms, automated data scraping and management systems, and AI-powered reporting systems turn data into actionable insights. From creating web and mobile analytics solutions to developing NLP-based text analysis tools and social media analysis tools, we provide comprehensive solutions to enhance evidence-based strategies and decision-making.