William M. Canter, Senior Strategic Communications Advisor

William M. Canter is a Senior Strategic Communications Advisor. He is a Peabody and Emmy-award-winning broadcast journalist with three decades of industry credits in strategic communication and outreach. Over the past 15+ years, a primary focus for Mr. Canter has been his international development work for USAID, with an emphasis on Economic Growth, Democracy, and Governance, and related spheres including Media, Journalism, and Public Affairs/Information.

His background and experience working for all three major U.S. television networks, Hollywood film studios, ad agencies, PR firms, and international media clients enabled him to segue into U.S. government-funded, development-oriented international program management career. His work is recognized by his ability to have consistently delivered award-winning and positive results for programs, projects, messages, and management guidance designed, created, and implemented to a global set of clientele. Mr. Canter advised a Prime Minister of Poland; the King of Jordan; Ministers of trade and commerce in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bosnia, and Costa Rica; members of the U.S. Congress; and numerous Fortune500/NYSE corporations on communication and outreach strategies. Other clients served include NATO, the U.S. Departments of Defense, State, Justice, Homeland Security, and USAID, in addition to the World Bank.


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