Tanja Rajkovic, Research & Program Associate

Tanja Rajkovic is a Research & Program Associate for I4DI. She has a strong background in coordinating and conducting extensive desk reviews, supporting data analysis, and providing various written contributions. Ms. Rajkovic seeks to couple her academic and professional experience and contribute to establishing an effective and evidence-based decision-making process across the portfolio of her engagement. So far, the focus of her work includes Western Balkans and Turkey, which, combined with her analytical and drafting skills, enabled Ms. Rajkovic to contribute to the evaluation of activities, implementation, and achievements of UN Agencies in Turkey. Prior to entering the field of international development and monitoring and evaluation, Ms. Rajkovic was engaged in international criminal and public law sectors with different United Nations entities. She is a graduate from the University of Vienna, with a Master’s degree in Political Science, and holds a Bachelor´s degree in Law from the University of Belgrade.


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