Samuel Gold

Sam Gold, Data for Social Change Research Assistant Intern

Sam Gold is a Research Assistant Intern for I4DI’s Data for Social Change team. Sam is a Walt Whitman High School senior in Bethesda, MD. He will be attending college in September of 2023 where he plans to major in computer science and economics.

Sam is proficient in Java and C# and well-versed in Python. He also is completing the engineering sequence at his high school. Sam is eager to put his computing, data, and problem-solving skills to use to make a positive impact on his community and is excited to work with I4DI on the Data for Social Change project.

In his free time, Sam has designed and built his own computer and coded video games. Sam has volunteered as an instructor for a local learn-to-swim program as well as with the Special Olympics. Sam also enjoys spending time with friends and family.


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