Palak Agarwal, is I4DI’s Data Scientist, responsible for extracting and interpreting data to drive informed policymaking, strategic decision-making, and improved learning methodologies. At I4DI, she is a crucial part of the Data Science and Technology team, providing data-driven solutions to bolster our programs and support our clients.

Prior to her role at I4DI, Palak was instrumental in managing high-stakes projects as a Data Scientist, overseeing large-scale data science initiatives. She is highly proficient in designing and implementing customized, data-rich dashboards addressing the specific needs of diverse sectors, including weather and road safety, working closely with municipal and county authorities to provide targeted solutions for varying community needs. In her earlier career, Palak made substantial contributions to projects targeting the upliftment of underserved communities through well-crafted CSR initiatives. She believes enactable policies should be developed and employed across the country, reflective of the myriad spatial, social, cultural, political, and morphological agents that constitute place.

Palak’s academic pursuits have centered around studying global climate dynamics and the complex relationships between various regions. These experiences have further refined her data interpretation skills, equipping her to devise efficient strategies and policies. Holding dual master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture and Urban Spatial Analytics from the University of Pennsylvania, Palak combines her strong technical expertise with a commitment to data-driven decision-making, enhancing the impact of her contributions at I4DI.

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