Olivier Payen is I4DI’s Economic Development & Education Advisor. Mr. Payen has more than 11 years of experience with Economic Development and International Cooperation programs. He focuses on the intersection between solidarity economy and educational development, with expertise in teaching, youth economic and educational development, asset management, and program strategy. From his base in Paris, Olivier provides expertise to I4DI teams and supports technical assistance activities for I4DI projects in Europe. He holds four Master’s degrees: Teaching and Education from the University of Besançon; Economic Development and International Cooperation from Sciences Po Toulouse; and Political Science, as well as German Language, from the University of Toulouse. When he is not working with I4DI teams, Olivier Payen teaches at a primary school of the French Ministry of National Education. He speaks English, French, German, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian with professional fluency and has a working knowledge of Italian. His extraordinary language and communication skills are a great asset to I4DI’s team and to the projects he supports.

Emir Nurkic Kacapor is I4DI’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. In this role, Dr. Nurkic Kacapor is managing most of I4DI back office and is responsible for global operations and human resource management. Prior to founding I4DI, Dr. Nurkic Kacapor spent over 25 years
Elizabeth Issac is I4DI’s Director, Research & Programs.  She has a strong background in small and medium enterprise development, trade, and capacity building, with a particular focus on effective project management, monitoring, evaluation, and research. Prior to joining I4DI, Ms. Issac led start-ups, implementation
Michael Buret is I4DI’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, focusing primarily on business development, entrepreneurship, vocational training, youth, gender, economic growth, finance, and administration, and implementation of a wide range of development projects, always with a results-oriented project management style.