Michael Buret, Regional Director, Middle East & North Africa

Michael Buret is I4DI’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, focusing primarily on business development, entrepreneurship, vocational training, youth, gender, economic growth, finance, and administration, and implementation of a wide range of development projects, always with a results-oriented project management style. Mr. Buret possesses a unique perspective grounded not only in his experience managing USAID, U.S. DOL, MCC, UNICEF, MEPI, World Bank, NGO and direct local government projects, but also his experience in business and human resources as a private sector employer. With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Buret initiates and manages effective partnerships with senior government officials, businesses and corporations, local associations, and NGOs focused on private sector development, economic growth, entrepreneurship, education, training, governance, monitoring & evaluation, institutional development, and strategic planning. Throughout his career, Mr. Buret has built close and effective relationships with a diverse array of international donors, national and local government entities, educational institutions, CSOs and the private sector, winning and managing a portfolio of over $100 Million throughout the region. Mr. Buret’s multi-cultural, inter-personal and supervision skills and understanding of “win-win” solutions are evident in his leadership and management style, and his successful business and development experiences. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and two master’s degrees, one in International Commerce & Policy and another in Business Administration (MBA). A native speaker of English and French, Mr. Buret is also fluent in Moroccan Arabic.


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