Eli Whalen is a Research Assistant Intern working with I4DI’s data and technology team. His current project involves an intricate process of reverse engineering, diving into complex mathematical structures and algorithms of a data-driven environmental tool. This challenging endeavor requires a deep understanding of computations and logical operations, perfectly aligning with Eli’s expertise in Mathematics and Biology. As a senior at Syracuse University, Eli is pursuing a double major in these two fields, his academic focus providing a dynamic and innovative input to the I4DI team.

Prior to his tenure at I4DI, Eli developed a significant skill set in data collection, organization, and analysis through his engagement with the 4 Mile Run Conservatory. His work there, centered around citizen wildlife and trail camera data, broadened his understanding of data’s crucial role in environmental conservation. Furthermore, Eli also received grant funding to work for 2 years as an undergraduate researcher for Alison Patteson in the Department of Physics at Syracuse University where he learned and performed data collection and analysis.

Away from the rigor of his professional and academic life, Eli enjoys spending time relaxing with friends and family. He also loves playing soccer and has managed a rec soccer team at Syracuse University as well as coached youth soccer for DC Scores.

Adnan Hadrovic is I4DI's Senior Global Security, International Affairs, & Diplomacy Advisor. With more than 22 years of distinguished experience in diplomacy and management, he brings to I4DI a wealth of knowledge and expertise in designing and strategically managing international development projects. Over the course
Heather Strand is I4DI’s Program Management & Information Technology Advisor. Heather has over 20 years of professional and technical experience including 16 years of Management and Information Technology consulting experience supporting clients in project and program management, program analysis and evaluation, research and data
Sarah Dawn Petrin is I4DI’s Conflict & Displacement Consultant. Ms. Petrin has over 20 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, leading teams in complex emergencies and advising governments, United Nations agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).