Dzenana Sabic Hamidovic is I4DI’s Social Development Advisor. Ms. Sabic specializes in social protection, inclusion, and human rights based approaches to programing, policy development, and implementation strategies. She has nearly a decade of experience in consulting for and advising UN agencies, governments, and NGOs in Eastern Europe and the Balkans on establishing safeguard and protection mechanisms, as well as in designing and implementing inter-sectorial service delivery strategies in social development and child protection programs. Her experience building capacity of a diverse set of clients on developing long-term care policies, management, and strategic re-organisation of resources in sectors of social protection makes Dzenana an effective and inspiring trainer, coach, and mentor.

She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education and Psychology from the University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dan Robinson is I4DI's Director for Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL). Dan has more than ten years of experience in international development including roles in MERL, program management, business development, and research. Dan joins I4DI following several years with the U.S. Agency for
Vahid Rahic is I4DI’s mobile app developer. He works on developing cross-platform mobile apps and translating code into user-friendly applications using the latest technologies. Mr. Rahic brings to the I4DI software engineering team experience related to developing, implementing, and adopting new technologies for the
Adi Karisik is the Senior Advisor for Global Cybersecurity and Operational Technology at I4DI, boasting over 20 years of specialized experience in IT, enterprise cybersecurity, Operational Technology, and management consulting, particularly in Defense and Intelligence. His tenure has seen him manage key programs in