Denis Drekovic is I4DI’s Digital Tech & Data Science Team Lead. He works on designing and developing new software solutions that enable organizations to effectively manage business intelligence data and utilize evidence-based management decision making.

Denis brings to I4DI years of experience in developing enterprise web-based information systems for the Netherlands markets. He also specializes in innovative native and cross-platform mobile app development, as well as advanced microservice-based software architectures for web based systems.

Denis Drekovic holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Software Engineering.

Adi Karisik is the Senior Advisor for Global Cybersecurity and Operational Technology at I4DI, boasting over 20 years of specialized experience in IT, enterprise cybersecurity, Operational Technology, and management consulting, particularly in Defense and Intelligence. His tenure has seen him manage key programs in
Michael Buret is I4DI’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, focusing primarily on business development, entrepreneurship, vocational training, youth, gender, economic growth, finance, and administration, and implementation of a wide range of development projects, always with a results-oriented project management style.
Dzenana Sabic Hamidovic is I4DI’s Social Development Advisor. Ms. Sabic specializes in social protection, inclusion, and human rights based approaches to programing, policy development, and implementation strategies. She has nearly a decade of experience in consulting for and advising UN agencies, governments, and NGOs