Adien Hrnjez serves as an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Intern at I4DI, leveraging his knowledge of computer science to provide critical support to the tech team. A current student at Virginia Tech University, Mr. Hrnjez brings his academic experience in computer science to the practical, technical challenges he engages with in his role.

Passionate about AI and data science, he uses his insatiable curiosity to contribute towards innovative solutions in his first professional technical internship. An original resident of the Washington DC area and of Bosnian and Herzegovinian descent, Adien combines his diverse background with his love for learning in his work.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Adien is an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying basketball and tennis. He cherishes time spent outdoors and values moments shared with family and friends. His goal is to apply his technical skills and personal interests to make a meaningful impact in his role at I4DI.

Amina Nukovic Grljevic is I4DI’s Recruiting and Proposal Capture Associate. She supports business development efforts with capture planning and management, recruitment, resource assessment, and costing, as well as other business development support activities during the proposal and post-submittal phases. She is passionate about process
Sam Gold is a Research Assistant Intern for I4DI’s Data for Social Change team. Sam is a Walt Whitman High School senior in Bethesda, MD. He will be attending college in September of 2023 where he plans to major in computer science and economics. Sam
Vahid Rahic is I4DI’s mobile app developer. He works on developing cross-platform mobile apps and translating code into user-friendly applications using the latest technologies. Mr. Rahic brings to the I4DI software engineering team experience related to developing, implementing, and adopting new technologies for the