Abdulhaffiz Umar, Program Associate

Abdulhaffiz Umar is a Program Associate consultant for I4DI. He is passionate about sustainable development and climate action. Abdulhaffiz possesses a background in spatial data analysis and environmental research, and he leverages Geographic Information Systems in presenting reliable data and research for development initiatives. Before entering the spatial data analysis field, Abdulhaffiz taught English as a foreign language in Nigeria and helped develop an education consulting start-up for five years.

Abdulhaffiz is an active volunteer for the environment. He had offered geospatial assistance to a host of Non-government organizations and is a member of the Africa Geoportal Community. He is also a youth coordinator for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and is committed to achieving the Agenda 2063: “The Africa We Want” mandate. Abdulhaffiz is currently undergoing his master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems at Nasarawa State University, Nigeria.


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