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Cumulative cases & daily case count

These graphs display the absolute number of cumulative cases, deaths, and recoveries nationally, by day (left) and daily new cases in the U.S. Hovering over the graph will display the daily values on a given day. You can adjust the lower and upper bounds of the time interval displayed using the slider below the graph.

Cumulative cases

Daily new cases


Per 10k population

Cumulative Cases per State

These graphs display the cumulative cases and deaths, by state and day. A flattening of the curves indicates a slowing of disease spread or deaths. Hovering over a state’s line will tell you the number of deaths or cases on a given day. You can adjust the lower and upper bounds of the time interval displayed using the slider below the graph.

Cumulative Confirmed Cases

Cumulative Deaths

These sortable tables display the current number of cumulative cases and deaths by state, both in terms of absolute numbers and population-adjusted numbers (per 10,000 population). By clicking on the arrows in the column heading cells, you can sort states alphabetically or by population or the number of cases or deaths from high or low. You can also click through the tables using the navigation buttons along the bottom of the table.

Cumulative Cases, by State

State Population Tested % Tested Confirmed Confirmed per 10K

Cumulative Deaths, by State

State Population Deaths Deaths per 10K

Covid-19 data maintained by Johns Hopkins University and The COVID Tracking Project.

Population data maintained by United States Census Bureau.

Covid-19 US state policy database is maintained by Raifman J, Nocka K, Jones D, Bor J, Lipson S, Jay J, and Chan P.

  • confirmed.csv
      Confirmed cases timeline data

  • deaths.csv
      Deaths timeline data

  • tests.csv
      Tests timeline data

  • recovered.csv
      Recovered cases timeline data

  • hospitalized.csv
      Hospitalized patients timeline data

  • icu.csv
      Patients in ICU timeline data

  • ventilator.csv
      Patients on ventilator timeline data

Welcome to our COVID-19 data visualisation dashboard.

The abundance of information available about COVID-19 can make it difficult to follow the numbers and understand their meaning. You may have your own questions. So we created this portal where you can interact with COVID-19 monitoring data by changing the parameters to fit your learning needs.

Using data from Johns Hopkins University, The COVID Tracking Project, Covid-19 US state policy database and the United States Census Bureau, this dashboard allows you to explore state-level trends in cumulative and new COVID-19 cases and deaths, including population-adjusted rates. We incorporated advanced interactive features that provide you with a variety of ways to dissect the data. Maps and graphs have user-navigated and automatized time lapse and time interval widgets and “click-to-filter” features, chart zoom, and tooltips. These features allow you to utilize temporary filter values to create new insights. You can view the data from a big picture perspective or zoom into the details, as well as adjust the displayed information when you hover over with your mouse or click on a chart or map segment.

The COVID-19 data are updated daily at 3am Eastern Standard Time. Data posted at 3am today were collected/reported through yesterday. We will incorporate further disaggregated data, such as by county or demographic characteristics, as reliable data become available.

This site is maintained by Institute for Development Impact, Kemal Sokolovic and Milos Panasiuk. Analytical framework and technical guidance are provided by Dr. Bridget Lavin.