Tech for Green Cities – T4GC

I4DI was awarded a $3 million, three-year prime contract from USAID in Cambodia, South East Asia, where we are working to address growing issues stemming from inadequate waste disposal sites and practices including traditional trash burning. We are facilitating the emergence of a circular economy by creating an advanced technology

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Balanced Design Monitoring Evaluation, Research and Learning (BalanceD-MERL)

I4DI partnered with USAID’s U.S. Global Development Lab to provide support and enhance USAID Mission Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning capacity. The rr consortium is a cooperative agreement with a ceiling of $5 million designated for providing technical assistance, co-creating, and co-designing development solutions that bring innovation into how monitoring,

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view-of-rice-terraces Evaluation and Research for i4di

Learning Framework Technical Support- Mars Inc., Income Lab

I4DI iteratively researched and developed learning frameworks and research assessment materials to study small-holder farmer income across Mars’ 23 major raw materials supply chains including cocoa, sugar, and rice. The learning component of the Income Lab worked to understand how success was defined across all MARS segments and what commitments

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man-hand-fruit-cocoa development effectiveness

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning- Mars Inc., Symbioscience

I4DI worked with a division of Mars Inc. to provide integrated design, monitoring, evaluation, information systems, and capacity building services focused on the sustainable sourcing of cocoa. Services included 1) a qualitative study of small-holder cocoa farmers and issues impacting sustainable sourcing of cocoa, 2) capacity building of local Indonesian

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W+W Global Development Alliance- Gap Inc./USAID

Gap Inc. and USAID launched a partnership in 2016 to capitalize on the mutual interests of both the private and public sector to improve the health and well-being of women and communities touched by the apparel industry, starting in India. In taking a gender-sensitive approach, Gap Inc. recognized the important

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Technical Services to Newdea Inc.

From 2016 to 2017, I4DI was contracted by Newdea Inc. to provide professional services to all its clients implementing Newdea Project Center, a program management information software as a service solution. Newdea Inc. is a tech company providing a social impact platform for designing, managing, tracking, aggregating, and sharing social

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