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Thought Partnership

Foundational to the Institute for Development Impact is the principle of collaboration through authentic partnership. I4DI can only be as strong as our team and those in our sphere. To that end, we actively invest in relationships built on mutual trust and goodwill to grow the collective capacity of our community.

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I4DI understands that technology is a critical force that must be effectively leveraged for development, not just as an end-solution, but as an integrated component to any development effort.

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Rigor and Excellence Civic Tech prototype of wireframe work

Rigor and Excellence

I4DI is not interested in building castles in the sky. We are development experts and practitioners with decades of real-world experience in some of the most difficult development contexts in the world. We are critical thinkers who intend to bring the weight of this experience to inform our recommendations to our clients.

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Meet Our Experts

Let’s connect. We’d love to share how I4DI’s unique strengths can help you achieve your goals.

Sandra Moscoso