I4DI Covid-19 weekly watch November 2

COVID-19 Weekly Watch: Oct 27-Nov 2

Over the past two weeks, many European countries have seen a return to strict lockdown measures, including countries like the Czech Republic, whose prime minister had previously ruled out another national lockdown.

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COVID-19 Weekly Watch: October 20-26

Seven months into this global pandemic and the United States is still seeing a rise in infections. With our highest ever recorded daily case count just three days ago, hopes that this crisis would be over by the end of 2020 are all but dashed.

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I4DI Maps the Results of 2020’s Racial Justice Activism

Since early July, I4DI’s Data for Social Change: Mapping the Result’s of 2020’s Racial Justice Activism project has been steadily progressing. Supported by a core, six person research team, and ten additional data contributors, the database in on track to capture hundreds of actions by institutions across this country and

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Covid -19 Weekly Watch - GENDER edition October 12-19

COVID-19 Weekly Watch GENDER EDITION: October 13-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, like most crises, has differential effects on men and women. Women are more vulnerable to the economic impacts of COVID-19, given that among other reasons, they are disproportionately employed in vulnerable sectors and hold greater responsibility for child and elder care. In the United States, 78% of those who dropped out of the labor force between August and September were women.

Undoubtedly, one long-term effect of the pandemic will be a creeping backslide of gender equality, especially in low-income countries where women’s participation in formal employment is already much lower than men’s. Men, while also feeling the economic effects of COVID-19 (albeit less pronounced), appear to have higher mortality rates from the virus than women do.

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Covid -19 Weekly Watch - Superspreading edition October 5-12

COVID-19 Weekly Watch SUPERSPREADING EDITION: October 5-12

To date, much focus has been on the COVID-19 reproduction number (R), representing the average number of people that a single infected person goes on to infect. However, recent events in the United States have drawn increased attention to the extreme variability in transmission patterns among individuals.

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Covid-19 weekly watch September 28 - October 5 - ELECTIONS EDITION

COVID-19 Weekly Watch ELECTION EDITION: September 28 – October 5

As the United States prepares for its highly-anticipated national election in 29 days, the Institute for Development Impact examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on other elections around the world. While South Korea, the first country with a significant coronavirus case count to hold a nation-wide election, saw record voter turnout with well-coordinated public health measures in voting centers, countries like Iran and the Dominican Republic saw substantial declines in voting rates, marked by fears of the virus and contentious internal politics.

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Covid-19 weekly watch September 21-28

COVID-19 Weekly Watch: September 21 – September 28

As the COVID-19 global death toll approaches one million, with the U.S. faring far worse than the rest of world, I4DI highlights the case and death disparities in the U.S and puts a spotlight on three countries on the heels of the United States in terms of total case count— India, Brazil, and Russia. While India has only just appeared to have reached its peak in daily case counts, both Brazil and Russia are continuing to struggle to reduce their case numbers following their peaks earlier this year.

In Brazil, we look at COVID-19’s affect on the already at-risk indigenous population. Even prior to the pandemic, the Bolsonaro administration has been steadily removing safeguards for indigenous communities, opening once-protected lands to loggers and miners, and encouraging missionary work with vulnerable tribes. However, in the times of COVID-19, these policy changes are putting indigenous communities doubly at risk by exposing them to outsiders who could potentially transmit the virus.

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COVID-19 WEEKLY WATCH  September 14 - September 21, 2020 - Mental Health Edition

COVID-19 Weekly Watch MENTAL HEALTH EDITION: September 14 – September 21

Since the start of the pandemic, countries around the world enacted response policies with varying degrees of stringency. While Argentina, for example, rapidly instituted a strict lockdown in alignment with the World Health Organization’s recommendations, the autocratic ruler of Belarus denied the mere existence of the virus and never imposed any restrictions at all. As expected, the curve of case counts in both countries are reflective of these policy decisions.

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