Impact Technology Tech System Solutions

Our tech system solutions encompass a wide range of services, each designed with a focus on integrating technology with sustainable efforts to foster positive change. Here’s a snapshot of some of the systems we’ve developed

Green Cities Mobile App

This mobile application is designed to empower citizens, facilitate service providers, and support government agencies in aligning public needs and services more efficiently. It encourages democratic participation, enhancing citizen engagement and resource allocation.

green cities mobile app

Zen-O Suite

This suite of digital products includes our proprietary learning platform, integrating a comprehensive MEL curriculum with state-of-the-art technology. Recognizing the limitations of existing project management information systems, we developed Zen-O, our software-as-a-service program management information system. Zen-O streamlines data management, data analysis, and resource planning within a single platform, making it easier to navigate the project lifecycle. The suite consists of Zen-O Projects, Zen-O Consultants, and Zen-O Learn, offering an intuitive platform for content delivery, collaborative learning, and capacity building among teams.

Zen-O: Project Information System Dashboard

Real-time Farm Monitoring System

An integrative hardware and software solution that harnesses the power of data analytics and AI. It provides real-time insights into farming practices, thereby enhancing agricultural sustainability and productivity.

Social Media Analysis Tool

This advanced tool aids organizations in gaining critical insights into their social media activity. By providing trend tracking and sentiment analysis, it enables the optimization of social media strategies, promoting data-driven decision-making and enhancing online engagement and brand reputation.

Results. Evidence. Impact.

The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) is an international sustainability company that offers advisory services that leverage technology to improve how people and organizations make evidence-based decisions that benefit our planet and society. Passionate about the sustainable development of our world, our vision is a planet and society where every living thing has an opportunity to thrive. To bring this vision to life, our diverse team builds partnerships and develops innovative technology systems, services and products to tackle some of the world’s largest challenges. Our people embrace systems thinking and the continuous learning required to provide for the world in which we want to live.

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I4DI believes that transparency and open access to knowledge and insights from our learning  is a strength. No matter what the evidence reveals, we are committed to sharing insights from our engagements for the collective benefit of our industry.